Coping With Ice Dams

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One of the most common problems effecting the integrity of your home in cold weather is the build up of ice dams.  Ice dams occur in the winter when conditions are most unfavorable for roofing.  Freezing and thawing snow causes ice to form in gutters, preventing the normal flow of water from exiting by way of downspouts as it should.  And since water always seeks the lowest level as it flows off your roof, it will find a path downward, even if that path is to migrate under shingles and underlayment and into your home – leaking down from the ceiling or from around interior window frames.

Naturally, people need a quick fix to this problem until something more permanent can be put into place. The problem is, there is rarely a quick fix for ice dams. For one thing, it can be difficult or dangerous to get up to where this ice is.

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You can try rock salt to melt the ice. You can also try using an ice pick but you run the risk of damaging your roof or your gutters – or falling off a ladder and ending up in the hospital!  You can also try using heat tape – which can be purchased at a hardware store. Sometimes these products are called “roof ice melt cables” and they may go by other names.  However, because fires have started from heat tape you need to be sure that your smoke alarms are working and it would also be a good idea to review your homeowner insurance policy.  Stay away from cheaper products and look for heat tape that is thermostatically controlled and made from heavy gauge wire.  Some people may want to use a propane torch to melt the ice quickly but that method is a big fire hazard and you can end up burning the paint off your gutters, damaging or melting fascia and soffit material and damaging the roofing materials adjacent to the gutters, all of which will not likely be covered by home insurance.

And remember, if you live in the Poconos, the Lehigh Valley or western New Jersey, Master’s Construction is here to help!  Master’s can provide you with a safe, PERMANENT solution to ice dams.  If you need extra attic insulation, newer – and larger – gutters, roof repairs or repairs to damaged sheetrock, just give us a call, toll free: 855-MASTERS (855-627-8377).

Happy New Year & New Year Safety Tips

New Years Eve Safety Tips

Celebrate the New Year with some New Years Eve Safety Tips.

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Your friends at Master’s Construction wish you and yours a safe, happy and healthy new year.  We greatly appreciate your business in the past year and look forward to serving your roofing and home improvement needs in 2013.  And don’t forget: we always offer free estimates, unbeatable financing, top quality materials and expert craftsmanship.   Master’s is always striving to bring our customers the best value at the best price.

Our Newly Renovated Whitehall PA Office

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New office for Allentown roofing contractor

In the heart of the Lehigh Valley

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Close proximity to Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton PA

Check out our newly renovated office at 710 Park Street, Whitehall Township PA.  In the heart of the Lehigh Valley at the corner of Park and 5th streets and just down the block from the Lehigh Valley Mall.  We have plenty of parking in our private lot, for your convenience.

Soon we’ll have some exciting displays of our various high quality roofing and shingle products, gutters and gutter guards, high efficiency replacement windows, secure and rugged entry doors, siding products (vinyl, insulated vinyl and fiber cement board) for visitors to examine.

Currently, hours at the showroom are by appointment only so please call ahead (610-264-3333) if you would like to drop in.  As always, we provide free in-home estimates and our staff can show you our detailed brochures and actual samples of the materials we use, right in the comfort of your home.  Also, we can provide you with some of the most unbeatable financing options available anywhere.

Finding The Right Contractor For Storm Damage

Finding The Right Contractor For Storm Damage

Some very important guidelines for selecting a roofing contractor for storm damage repairs:

  • Ask the roofing company representative if they have experience preparing estimates for storm damage insurance claims – especially claims that resulted in the entire roof being replaced.
  • Ask them if they will provide you with a detailed written estimate, one that can be e-mailed to your insurance company.
  • Ask them if they will be taking photos to document the damage for your insurance company. This step can often help to speed up claim processing, especially if the contractor and the adjuster don’t yet agree on the scope of the storm damage.
  • Ask the roofing company representative if they have at least $1M liability insurance and if they can prove they have it and that it is current.
  • Ask them if they are licensed to work in your state and if they can prove it.
  • Ask them what their Better Business Bureau rating is and then get online (at to verify what they told you.
  • See if you can find reviews of them online – from satisfied customers.
  • Ask them if they are certified by the manufacturer of the roofing products that they plan to install on your roof.  GAF MasterElite certification is a good barometer to use.  Only 2 percent of the roofing contractors in the U.S. are MasterElite certified.  That means that 98% of the roofers in the U.S. can’t even offer you a GAF Golden Pledge roof warranty – a warranty from GAF on the entire roofing system, for up to 50 Years. This is the best warranty protection on the market today and is the only warranty that includes a 40 point factory inspection of your finished roof.

Wouldn’t you want to hire a company that meets these criteria rather than someone who has no verifiable credentials?  Then you need not look any further if you live in the Lehigh Valley, the Poconos and the surrounding areas.  Master’s Construction meets all the above critieria and is anxious to add you to their long list of satisfied home improvement customers.

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PA homeowners will not have to pay “hurricane” deductibles on insurance claims

PA homeowners will not have to pay “hurricane” deductibles on insurance claims, governor says regarding Hurricane Sandy storm damage.

November 1, 2012

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Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett today said that PA homeowners will not have to pay “hurricane” deductibles on insurance claims resulting from property damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.  Governor Corbett stated that those deductibles “could have added significant costs” to homeowners who are already having a very difficult time cleaning up and rebuilding after the hurricane.

NOTE: This announcement has less to do with the governor and more to do with how homeowner’s insurance policies are now written, to include an EXTRA deductible – often a very LARGE additional deductible – based on a percentage of the insured value of the home.

These “hurricane” deductibles can typically range from 1 to 5 percent of a home’s insured value.

Michael Considine – who is the Insurance Commissioner for the state of PA – said his office would be  “actively monitoring” insurance companies to ensure that they are fulfilling commitments to their policy holders.


NOTE ALSO: Homeowners would still be responsible for paying “standard” homeowner deductibles for wind and storm-related claims.

Master’s Construction strongly recommends that all homeowners check their home insurance policies and check with their insurance companies to confirm what deductibles they are required to pay for any damage to their homes caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Emergency Preparedness Video

Prepare for natural disasters by checking out this informative Emergency Preparedness Video

Find out how you and your family can prepare for the next major storm that may hit the Poconos or Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas by viewing the Emergency Preparedness Video below.  As winter approaches, we could face another major storm like Hurricane Sandy, only next time it may be in the form of a major snow storm or ice storm.  Be prepared.

Get help if disaster strikes from your local storm damage repair experts

If disaster strikes your eastern PA or western NJ home, the experts at Master’s Construction are here to help get your home repaired FAST and get the job done RIGHT!  Our extensive experience preparing the kind of highly accurate and detailed estimates that insurance companies are looking for is sure to help speed up the process of getting your storm damage claim settled quickly without sacrificing the quality of the repair (which is often the undesirable consequence when contractors prepare “quick and dirty” estimates just to get the job). And beware of “storm chasing” contractors who live out of state and take advantage of desperate homeowners when major natural disasters hit your area.