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Replacement Entry Doors Questions & Answers

Allentown entry door contractors questions and answers

Q. What is brick mold?

A. Brick mold is a type of decorative wood or composite molding used to finish the exterior face of a wood frame.  It is often thicker (deeper) than the standard door trim molding used on the interior side of a door frame.   When you order your new door from Master’s Construction you have the option of getting the aluminum clad steel door jamb and brick mold with the steel entry doors, or the 100% composite door jamb and brick mold with the fiberglass entry doors (and available with some of our stained steel entry doors).

Q. What is tempered glass?

A. Tempered glass is a heat-treated glass used on doors for added safety and strength.  Many of the entry doors we offer at Master’s Construction utilize a two-layered tempered glass design that sandwiches the decorative glass in the middle helping to protect it.  In addition, some of our high security steel storm doors have optional tempered glass panels.

Q. What is caming?

A. Caming is the handcrafted metal used in decorative glass styles as a border or framing around pieces of cut glass, and as is commonly used in stained glass windows. Master’s Construction offers door glass and side panel glass with and without caming.  The caming materials we offer include polished brass, bright zinc and a dark bronze colored “patina” caming material.


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Q. What are door “lites”?

A. Door lites are glass panels fitted into the door.  They can be clear, beveled, frosted, colored, etched, etc.   At Master’s Construction, we offer entry doors with a wide variety of some of the most attractive door lites, which are carefully coordinated with optional glass side panels (side lites).

Q. What are side “lites”?

A. Side lites are fixed framed glass panels attached to one or both sides of the door jamb on an entry door.  For an unbeatable selection of side lites, designed to delight even the most discriminating homeowner, give Master’s Construction a call, and one of our representatives will be happy to show you just how many beautiful styles there are to choose from.

Q. What part of the door is the transom?

A. The transom is an optional accessory to a door that consists of either an actual window or just a fixed pane of glass directly above the door.  Transoms that open, can provide outside ventilation to a room or foyer.  The entry doors installed by Master’s Construction are available with clear or decorative glass transoms.

Q. What is the door jamb?

A. The door jamb is the entire wood structure that encloses and supports the door assembly.  A quality, rugged door jamb is an important component of a secure entry door. Master’s Construction installs some of the best designed entry doors on the market today.   We even offer the Burglar Guard Enforcer Jamb product from Home Guard.  With this heavy duty steel reinforcing plate installed in your new door, the bad guys have to deform the door or rip out the wall to break in.

Q. What part of the door is considered the sill?

A. The sill is the horizontal bottom portion of the door frame.  Because of its location, it is exposed to a lot of wear and tear by foot traffic.  Because of its strength, durability and corrosion resistance, aluminum is one of the more common materials used for entry door sills.  Master’s Construction can order your entry door with a low-profile handicap accessible sill if needed.  We also offer sills with either polished aluminum or a dark bronze finish.

Q. How important is weatherstripping?

A. Weatherstripping is the seal along the edge of the door jamb which serves a vital purpose from the point of energy efficiency, by keeping out air rain water and keeping in the heated or air conditioned air in your home.

Q. What is a kerfed door bottom?

A. A kerfed door bottom is a type of heavy duty weather-stripping gasket material attached at the bottom of the door to help prevent air and water from infiltrating your home.  All the entrance doors we offer at Master’s Construction have a slide-off weatherstrip that can be replaced easily if it should ever wear out.  It provides a superior seal for the bottom edge of the door.


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