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High performance steel security doors for extra protection

The trusted security doors contractors at Master’s Construction offer many attractive styles of steel high-security storm doors.  These extremely rugged doors provide a very decorative yet much more solid and secure replacement for standard storm doors. With their forged hinges, steel vault pins, heavy gauge steel and tempered safety glass, these attractive doors provide additional protection to your home and its occupants.  Most styles come with a screen panel and quality brass locks with double cylinders. Here are some examples of these popular security doors:

home guard steel security doors contractors Allentown PA

Standard Features Of Our Security Doors

People who want a really strong, solid security door greatly appreciate the features that are built into every Master’s security door.  From the heavy gauge welded steel frame to the tempered safety glass, our doors are made to last and to resist forced entry.  Heavy-duty forged hinges and hardened steel vault pins contribute to the superior strength of our security doors.

Allentown PA steel security doors standard features


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