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Questions And Answers About Gutters And Gutter Guards

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Q. What is the main function of gutters?

A. Gutters primary function is to control the rain water runoff from your home’s roof, directing water way from the foundation and landscaping below. Without any gutters or with gutters that are improperly sized, water can seriously damage your homes foundation and even cause flooding to your basement.  The Lehigh Valley home improvement pros at Master’s Construction can design a gutter system for your home that is optimally sized for the size of your roof and surrounding drainage conditions.  They’ll give you a free estimate just by calling 855-MASTERS.

Q. What are seamless gutters?

A. Seamless gutters are gutters that are formed from one continue piece of flat metal, usually at the job site.   When properly installed, using quality hangers, these types of gutters are fairly rugged, long lasting and trouble free.

Q. What are some common gutter materials?

A. Modern gutters are made primarily of aluminum. Plastic is also used, although it usually is much less durable and rugged than aluminum. Some gutters are made of painted steel sheet metal. Very old gutters on historic homes may be made of wood. Some older homes have galvanized metal gutters or copper gutters, but these older systems usually have such high replacement costs that they are often replaced with the more common and affordable seamless aluminum gutters.

Q. What is the best gutter material?

A. The best type of gutter depends on many factors, including your budget and whether or not you wish to preserve a certain look on your home, etc.   However, for most homes and homeowners, the overall best and most preferred gutter material is aluminum due to its excellent corrosion resistance and its lighter weight compared to other metallic gutters. It is also much less expensive than copper gutters, which are also very corrosion resistant but far more costly than aluminum.


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Q. What is a “leader”?

A. Leader is just another name for a downspout, the piping used to drain water from a gutter to the ground below or to link gutters to underground drain pipes.

Q. My house has a metal roof.  Can and should I put gutters on it?

A. Yes, gutters can and should be installed on a metal roof for the same reasons you would install gutters on an asphalt shingle roof.

Q. How long does it take to install gutters on my roof and do I need to be home?

Master’s Construction can usually install gutters on your Poconos or Lehigh Valley home in one day.  We may need access to an outdoor power source but you do not need to be home during the installation process.

Q. If I have gutters installed on my home, will that cause ice dams on my roof?

A. No.  Ice dams form due to a lack of insulation or inadequate air flow in an attic.  Master’s Construction can offer some helpful solutions for you if ice dams become a problem.

Q. Will you dispose of my old gutters?

A. Yes, Master’s Construction will properly dispose of all the old gutter materials and associated debris.

Q. Do seamless aluminum gutters require any maintenance?

A. Depending on how many tall trees are near your home, your gutters will probably need to be cleaned out at least once a year.  However, with a quality gutter protection system like the Rhino Gutter Guard from Master’s Construction, you may not have to clean out your gutters ever again.

Q. With so many gutter protection products on the market, how do I know which one is best for my home?

A. Based on our experience, Master’s Construction recommends the Rhino Gutter Guard protection system.  It has a proven track record for not clogging and for still allowing rain water to pass through so that your gutters don’t overflow in heavy rain.  Rhino gutter guards are also more rugged than many competing products and best of all, Rhino offers a 20 year “no clog” warranty.

Q. Do I need to clean my gutters before Master’s installs gutter guards?

A.  No, you do not need to clean your gutters yourself ahead of time. Master’s Construction will clean out your gutters before gutter protection systems are installed.


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