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Emergency Roof Services For Storm-Damaged Roofs

roof repair replacement Allentown PA offers emergency roofing services

Roof emergency? Don’t delay!

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During a storm or high winds, the roof of your home can be damaged any number of ways such as hail, tree branches, lighting strikes, ice, wind and heavy rain or snow.   If something penetrates your roof, a quick response is essential. So to prevent any additional damage to the interior of your home it is extremely important that you call Master’s Construction as soon as possible. The people on our emergency response team are experts at containing any problems and minimizing any further damage.  We’ll do our best to protect your home and family.  Once we’ve made everything safe and secure, we’ll return to your home for a thorough inspection.  We will also provide you with a free, detailed assessment of any needed roof repairs or replacement.

Our Detailed Estimates Can Help With Your Storm Damage Insurance Claims

At Master’s Construction we provide our customers with some of the most accurate and thorough estimates – which can contribute greatly towards helping you get compensated quickly and adequately by your insurance company for storm damage claims that you may file.  We provide inspection reports, photos and any other documentation that may be needed to verify the scope of your damage claim.

Master’s is your roofer of choice for roof repair and replacement contractor in Allentown PA, the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos.

When looking for a trusted, experienced roof repair and replacement contractor in Allentown PA, the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos, you need look no further.  We offer the best roofing products from the most trusted roofing materials manufacturers.  Our manufacturer-certified installers are your assurance that the warranties on the materials we install on your roof will be honored by the manufacturers.

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