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If a storm, hail, wind or an ice dam causes damage to your home’s roof and exterior, the sooner you can have a qualified eastern PA roofing and construction contractor on scene the better.

Hail Storm Damage

Hail storm damaged asphalt roofing shingles Bethlehem PA

Most people rush to inspect damage to the finish of their car or truck after a hailstorm, but do not realize that their home might be damaged as well. Your roof is as susceptible to hail damage as the hood of your car. Many times hailstorms produce no visible damage — only a trained roofing hail damage specialist can uncover hidden trouble.

When hail hits your roof it creates a “bruise” which can even crack the fiberglass membrane in your shingles and allow water to seep into your home. It may not leak the day after the storm but over time the water will find a way in. It’s difficult to determine whether a shingled roof needs to be replaced after a hailstorm because the damage is not readily evident.

NOT ALL INSPECTORS ARE THE SAME – Never accept a roofing damage estimate from an inspector who does a visual inspection from the ground!  It is impossible to see all storm and hail damage from the ground or even from the top of a ladder in many cases.  Our estimators do a thorough visual inspection of your roof and the entire structure of your home to verify that all damage has been noted on our report.

Our hail damage specialists are specially trained and experienced to determine the damage and make corrective action.We check the entire roof structure and gutter system. If we see a large amount of granules reroofing would be a consideration. It doesn’t take much of a hailstorm to dislodge a significant number of granules from your shingles, thereby exposing the asphalt and shortening the service life of your roof.

If your roof has survived a hailstorm without visible damage, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If enough granules were knocked loose, the sun will hit the exposed asphalt further damaging the roof and underlayment. The exposed asphalt will deteriorate and more granules will come loose. In a few months and after a few rains, the damage will be all too evident!

Hail storm damaged metal roofing vent Allentown PA


Winter Snow & Ice Storm Damage Issues:

Ice Dams, Collapsed Roofs, Leaking Roofs, Broken Gutters & Sheetrock Damage

Ice and snow storm damage repairs Allentown roofing constractors

The freezing temperatures and snowfall that occur across Pennsylvania in Winter (and into the early Spring) can result in a dangerous threat known as “ice dams.” An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into your Pennsylvania home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.

An ice dam occurs when the temperature of the interior of your home’s attic is warmer than temperature of your roof. Snow and ice on the heated surface of the roof melt from the bottom up, and the resulting water flows down toward your gutters. When the water reaches the edge of the roof, it is once again exposed to frigid air and refreezes. This forms a solid ice dam that backs up the water flowing down behind it. Essentially, your roof is under water!

This backed up water can flow under the edge of your roof shingles and enter your home, leaking into your attic and down onto ceilings and along interior walls. The water seeping into your home may even cause structural damage. You might not even know there is a problem until stains start to appear on your ceiling and upper walls, sometimes weeks after the problem begins.

Icicles forming along your gutters is a sure sign of an ice dam, as well as a built-up ridge of ice at the edge of the roof. Call Master’s Construction right away to remove and clear the ice dam before trouble occurs.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Ice Dams:

The best way to deter the formation of ice dams is by having a properly vented roof. An effective roof vent helps to balance the temperature of your roof and attic and prevent the “freeze and thaw” cycle from occurring. If your roof does not have a full-length ridge vent, or if the vent is old or not allowing air to flow freely, it is a good idea to replace it before ice dam problems begin. A complete ventilation system also includes under-eave soffits that bring outside air into your attic. The key is to have the attic temperature as close as possible to the outside roof temperature.

Master’s will inspect your roof’s ventilation system and recommend appropriate changes to help prevent future ice dams from forming.


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Hurricanes, Floods, Rain Damage & Flood Water Damage

 Flood water damaged home repair restoration and remediation contractors

Water damage to a home or business must be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and restore full use of the structure. Master’s Construction can provide a complete assessment and determine what parts of the structure can be saved and restored and which must be replaced. More importantly, we can take steps to make sure future water damage does not occur.  We have water pumps, dryers, fans, dehumidifiers, water extractors and pressure washers.   We also have our own fleet of rolling dumpsters to haul away unsightly debris quickly and efficiently.

Don’t wait until the only contractors available are the fly-by-nights!

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Few other Lehigh Valley or Poconos roofing contractors have the resources, training, staff and equipment that Master’s has to respond quickly and efficiently to your roof emergency.

NOT ALL ESTIMATES ARE CREATED EQUAL – Master’s has extensive experience preparing the kinds of thorough and detailed estimates required by many home insurance companies when you file a storm damage claim.  We work with our customers to ensure that the job we do for them will cover all the materials that need to be repaired or replaced.  Unlike many other construction companies, we don’t do “rough” estimates that might omit important yet perhaps less obvious materials from damage estimates. Also, we don’t do verbal estimates… all our estimates are in writing – for your protection.


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Wind Storm Damage

Roof repair contractors Bethlehem PA wind storm damaged house

The professionals from Master’s Construction can respond quickly to make emergency repairs that will minimize damage to your home. Then we’ll return to assess the condition of your roof and make recommendations for long-term repairs, restoration or replacement. We also work with your home insurance company to properly document and record damage, and provide the paperwork – and photos – necessary for you to file and properly document a home insurance claim.

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