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Frequently Asked Siding Questions About Siding:

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Q. How long can I expect the siding on my house to last?

A. The longevity of siding varies greatly from one brand of material to another and from one type of material (wood/aluminum/vinyl/cement-board) to another.  With vinyl siding there can be many different degrees of quality from one siding manufacturer to another.  Not all vinyl siding is the same. A good rule of thumb is, “the cheaper the price, the shorter the life of the product.” At Master’s Construction, all of our siding products come with a 25-year warranty on the installation, and our product material warranties vary based on the product you choose to have installed.  And we offer financing and payment plans that fit just about any budget.

Q. How much can new siding increase the value of my home?

A. Studies have shown that both vinyl siding and fiber cement board siding will increase the value of a home, with fiber cement siding adding more value than the vinyl.  The exact about of increase in value depends on many factors, such as the size of your home, the location, its value before new siding is installed and they type and quality of the siding being installed.  Since the price you get for your house when you sell it is often based on buyer’s first impressions,  the exterior of the home, including the siding, is a vitally important part of home value. If your home’s siding is looking weathered and worn, potential buyers may not even want to go inside to look any further.  A home that looks bad from the curb could end up staying on the market for years.   So keep in mind, that no matter how nice your home looks on the inside, potential home buyers will be judging your home’s value by the outside appearance first.

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Q. What is fiber cement board siding and why would I want to side my home with it?

A. Fiber cement board siding is an exciting new advanced siding material.  It offers features that no other siding material provides.   It is a high tech siding product that is made from a combination of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber.  It is manufactured to resemble real wood siding.  The fiber cement siding installed by Master’s Construction is an extremely durable product. This siding material requires very little maintenance once it is installed and painted.  Besides being fire resistant, fiber cement siding is termite and rot proof also.  Master’s Construction offers fiber cement siding that is either stained with a striking woodgrain look or that comes with a solid color paint finish, plus a primed product ready to be painted your own custom color.  Adding fiber cement siding to your home will add to your home’s value, even more that adding vinyl siding.

Q. How does vinyl siding compare with other siding materials?

A. When compared to other traditional siding materials such as wood, brick, stone, stucco, and metal sidings, vinyl is the winner, hands down! On the basis of initial cost, maintenance costs, appearance, durability and value, vinyl siding is clearly superior. When you have the pros at Master’s Construction side your home with our superior siding materials, you end up with the highest quality and long lasting beauty.  And for homeowners looking for the great appearance of expensive woodgrain siding, we offer a premium vinyl siding product.

Q. Isn’t it less costly to just repaint my home?

If you plan to move within the next couple of years, the answer might be yes, and even that can depend on how much scraping and preparation are needed to repaint the current siding and how difficult it may be to access certain areas of the siding that need painting. However, if you plan to stay in your home for any longer period of time, the cost factors start to favor new vinyl siding when you compare the cost of repainting every few years to a one-time investment in new vinyl siding. For most homeowners vinyl siding is by far the best long-term value.

Q. How does the cost of vinyl siding compare to the added resale value it provides?

A. In terms of adding resale value to your home, vinyl siding is one of the best investments you can make. In its annual survey of project cost versus added value, Remodeling magazine said, “the highest payback comes from projects that give an older home the same features that have become standard in new homes.” Exterior improvements such as the installation of vinyl siding also make a home more attractive on the market.

Another point to keep in mind: if, like many homeowners, you add insulation to an older home at the same time you’re having vinyl siding installed, you add even greater value and market appeal to your home.

Q. Are there any other materials that are better than vinyl?

A. A. Not when it comes to siding, with the possible exception of fiber cement-board siding which can have greater impact resistance and fire resistance.  Because of vinyl siding’s many outstanding features and benefits, it is the most popular siding material in America today. And because vinyl is the preferred siding for more and more homeowners, it retains most of its installed cost unlike wood and other high maintenance siding materials.  If you would like to see just how many color and style options are available for installing vinyl siding on your Poconos or Lehigh Valley home, give Master’s Construction a call at 855-MASTERS.

Q. Is vinyl siding really as durable as everyone says?

A. Yes.  When you choose a quality vinyl siding product like those offered by Master’s Construction, you get a product that is strong, durable, and that has an excellent reputation for its beauty and durability.  Vinyl is an excellent exterior siding material because it won’t crack, dent or rot. It has embedded coloring that never peels off or blisters and it never needs to be sanded, scraped or painted.

Q. How do I find a reputable siding contractor?

A. Finding a siding contractor whom you can trust to do the job correctly requires making an informed decision.  Nowadays, it is easier than ever to find customer reviews online for most contractors in your geographic area.  You should probably stay away from contractors who have more than one or two bad reviews or who have no reviews online, unless you can get a verifiable recommendation from someone you really know and trust who used the contractor you are considering.   If you want a warranty that is more than just a piece of paper, you will need to find a contractor who uses materials that have a meaningful manufacturer warranty.  This means that there are no legitimate complaints online about the manufacturer not honoring their warranties.  It also means that if the materials manufacturer requires the contractor to be trained or certified by the maker of the siding products, then you need to find a contractor who has those qualifications.  And don’t forget the basics: confirm that the contractor has liability insurance, licensing in your state and provides signed written estimates with adequate detail for you to know if you are getting what you pay for.  Master’s Construction meets or exceeds these requirements and has the skills and equipment necessary to install all types of siding including vinyl, insulated vinyl and fiber cement board.

Q. If painting isn’t required, how do I maintain my vinyl siding?

A. Your new vinyl siding will really need no maintenance, other than occasional cleaning with a garden hose.  Most of the time, the cleaning action of rainfall will be adequate to wash your vinyl siding. If you wish to do a more thorough cleaning, you can use a soft-bristled, long-handled washing brush – one that attaches to your garden hose – to make it easier to wash your siding.

Q. Does it matter what time of year I have my new siding installed?

A. Not really. You can have your siding installed just about any time of the year.  Your siding experts at Master’s Construction know how to best schedule the job around the weather forecast for whatever time of year you choose to have your siding done.  So you don’t need to wait to start enjoying the immediate benefits of your home’s improved appearance, as well as the long-term benefits of durability and low maintenance.


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