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Cut Your Energy Bills With Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows For Your Eastern PA or Western NJ Home

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Most homes in the U.S. were built with “builder grade” windows that are made to appeal to a lower cost instead of higher performance. Studies have shown that more than 30% of your home’s energy is lost through windows and doors that were inefficient from the day they were installed. As a result, the energy from conditioned air inside your home (warm air in winter, cool air in summer) is easily transferred through the window, costing you both money and comfort.

The solution is to call Master’s Construction to replace your drafty old windows with modern energy efficient windows that have been engineered for maximum thermal efficiency and deliver added convenience and style as well. At Master’s, we are the leaders in Lehigh Valley & Poconos for installing the most energy efficient replacement windows on the market today.

Windows Engineered For Performance

If you are looking for the right replacement windows for your home, you may need to become familiar with terminology related to energy efficiency such as “R-Value,”  and U-Factor.  There is an organization that oversees these energy efficiency ratings.  It is called the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC). They develop and administer standard methodologies for measuring energy efficiency in windows, doors, and skylights.  Some of the more common energy rating terms are listed here:

  • U-Factor – This energy rating measures a window assembly’s rate of heat loss.  It is usually expressed in units of BTUs per hour.  It is a measurement that can be used with windows, skylights and glass doors. The lower the U-factor, the better  the window is preventing heat loss, which is the opposite case with R-Values.  While the industry standard for U-Factor is .30, there are many windows that have a much lower and therefore much better U-Factor rating, such as those offered by Master’s Construction.
  • SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is a measurement of how much heat enters a building through the glass during the warm months of the year. In colder climates a higher SHGC is desired, so passive light can come through; and in warmer climates, a lower SHGC is preferred.
  • R-Value – This is a measurement of resistance (hence the letter R in R-Value) to heat flow through a given thickness of material. A high R-value indicates a high resistance to heat flow, and therefore a better insulating ability of the material being measured.
  • CFM or Cubic Feet Per Minute is used to measure how much air can pass through a closed window per minute. This measurement will show just how much air leakage a window has, due to how well it gaskets and seals are working. The industry standard CFM for a replacement window is .30 CFM which does mean that that is a good rating. Lower values are better.

What does all the above terminology translate to?

Quite simply: When shopping for windows, look for the lowest U-Factor, the lowest CFM rate and the highest R-Value if you want the most energy efficient windows. And for our customers living in what is considered a colder climate, a higher SHGC value is desired.

At Master’s Construction, our replacement windows are built using an extremely precise manufacturing process that ensures a perfect fit, eliminating the need for excessive carpentry work around existing window openings and minimizing the need for extra insulation and caulking.


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Triple-pane windows offer the most energy efficiency and best long term value!

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If you are looking for replacement windows that are almost as well insulated as the walls in a newly constructed home, Master’s can install the Imperial LS window with triple pane glass and Krypton gas.  For the most energy efficient windows you can put into your home, we recommend our triple pane replacement windows.  These windows are constructed with three panes of glass, two of which have low-emissivity (or Low-E) coatings. Between the panes there is krypton or argon gas providing further insulating qualities to our replacement windows.   Soft-Lite’s top-of-the-line triple-pane windows have achieved some of the best energy saving ratings in the business. The Imperial LS line of windows we install can provide an R-Value for a window that is as high as R-10!

Our double-pane windows offer greater efficiency over competing products

While not as energy efficient as our triple-pane windows, our double-pane windows surpass competitors double-pane replacement windows.

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All our double-pane windows have extremely good (i.e. very low) U-Factor and SGHC ratings.  They also have one of highest R-Values in the replacement window industry.  Not only that, the windows that we offer our customers typically exceed government energy efficiency standards such as those that apply to ENERGY STAR ratings. Depending on the specific window you choose for your home, we offer double-pane windows with a U-Factor as low as 0.17, an R-Value as high as 6.66 and a SHGC as low as 0.20.  And don’t forget: our triple-pane windows have even better energy-efficiency ratings.

All Windows Are Not Created Equal

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One of the little know or talked about ratings is called “Cubic Feet Per Minute” (CFM).  When you purchase a window with the industry standard rating of .30 CFM, then you’ve made a large investment to replace your old drafty windows with new drafty windows. All of the Soft-Lite windows have a very low CFM rating. In fact the Imperial LS has a CFM rating of .02.

Soft-Lite replacement window frame superior insulation

When it comes to the frame and sash of the window, Soft-Lite does not rely on dead air space to do the insulating. Our premium windows are injected with the same insulating foam as your refrigerator.

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