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An Overview Of Window Replacement Options

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Easy-to-clean tilt-in windows

We have windows that tilt in making window cleaning a simple task.  This option is available in sliders and double hung window styles.  With their convenient tilt-in design, you won’t have to use a ladder or climb around bushes to clean your new windows.   Cleaning can be done easily from inside your home.

Easy clean tilt-out vinyl replacement windows

tilt-in sashes replacement windows contractors installers allentown hazleton pa

Double & triple window glass pane options

Master’s offers several choices for window pane design (including hurricane-rated glass) in various prices corresponding to your needs and your budget.

Window glass insulating pane options

Decorative and stained glass options

If you are looking to dress up a room in your home with a decorative window, we offer a variety of stained, etched, beveled, frosted and beaded glass designs.

Decorative and stained glass options for vinyl replacement windows

Exterior color options

Our vinyl replacement windows come in several exterior colors to match your gutters, siding or trim, including white, beige, brown and other popular colors depending on the particular brand and model of window you choose.

 Exterior color options for vinyl replacement windows

Window grid options

We offer windows with grids that are contained within the panels of insulated glass.   This feature keeps the grids clean and dirt free for the life of the windows and it also makes the windows easier to clean.  These grids are available in several colors to match the window frame color and are available on flat grid style or contoured.
replacement windows contractors grid options

Interior color and woodgrain options

For homeowners looking to closely coordinate the interior side of their windows with the room color, we offer several woodgrain styles such as oak, cherry and maple as well as a nice selection of solid colors for the interior side of your replacement windows.  These options vary according to which particular window you decide upon.

Interior woodgrain options for replacement windows

Window style options

If its time to change the style of your windows, we will be glad to show you the wide selection available to you from our suppliers.  We offer bay, bow, sliders, double hung, garden, eyebrow, casement and many other styles of windows.

Window style options for vinyl replacement windows

Optional internal mini blinds

Nothing could me more convenient (and cat or dog proof) than mini-blinds built into the window.  That great option is available with many of the windows we install.

Options for built-in mini-blinds in replacement windows

Lock & handle hardware options

With  the windows that Master’s sells, you’re not stuck with one style or color of window hardware. Many fine choices are available to you.

Lock hardware options for replacement windows

Insulated window frames

The windows we install do not skimp on insulation or energy efficiency.  We offer some of the most energy efficient windows available anywhere.

High efficiency insulated replacement windows

Window Screens Included

We supply custom fit screens with all our replacement windows, allowing proper home ventilation throughout the warmer months of the year.

Quality window screens for vinyl replacement windows


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