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Window Styles

We have styles to meet all your window needs!

Master’s Construction offers a wide variety of replacement window styles, sizes, shapes to provide you with many choices when it comes to home décor. We have styles to fit your eastern PA home’s architecture — and your budget.Replacement Window Styles installers contractors Allentown Macungie Whitehall

    • SLIDER
    • BAY & BOW
    • AWNING
    • HOPPER

Some Nice Color Choices Too!

With our Soft-Lite high efficiency windows you can customize your windows with several interior colors and woodgrain looks to coordinate with the interior of your home, as described below.

Standard Interior & Exterior Window Frame Color Options:

The majority of our window styles are available with the three color options shown below, for both interior and exterior finishes, affording your home a truly color coordinated look both inside and out, with the most popular exterior and interior color schemes.

Soft-Lite replacement windows interior colors

Interior Window Frame Woodgrain Options:

Your new windows can have the look of fine woodgrain in your choice of several attractive woods available for the interior side of your replacement windows.  They can be custom made to match the wood trim and other woodwork in your home.  Why settle for plain old white when such warm and elegant looking finishes are available?

Soft-Lite interior woodgrain choices for replacement window styles

And now for equally good news, there are even more color choices available to complement the outside of your home.

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Exterior Window Frame Color Options:

Some of these color options vary according to the style and brand of window you choose. However, we at Master’s strive to offer our customers the widest selection and best choices for replacement windows.

Exterior colors for replacement window styles Allentown PA

Window Grid Styles & Colors:

As you can see below, we offer window grids in either flat or contoured styles.  And finishes range from white, beige and brown, to several woodgrain finishes.  Nobody offers more choices than Master’s Construction when it comes to great looking, highly efficient replacement windows.

Contoured and flat grids styles for vinyl replacement windows

Replacement window styles of grids patterns

Window Hardware Finishes And Colors:

If you believe variety is the spice of life, then we have a fine selection of spices for your new windows.  Pictured below are just some of the style and finish options available for our slider style windows.  A similar wide range of choices are available for locks, levers and handles on other windows styles.

Replacement windows lock colors and styles

Special Window Shapes

Master’s offers several special window shapes that can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other windows.  The full circle and octagon windows are typically used stand-alone, while circle-top, eyebrow, quarter-circle, trapezoid and pentagon windows are used in combination with double-hung and picture windows.

Allentown PA replacement window styles shapes designs variations


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