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Doors That Save Energy And Enhance Your Home’s Entrance!


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Our rugged, energy-efficient entry doors and security doors add lots of value to your home.

rugged fiberglass mahogany entry door with side panels

Our doors offer value and quality combined!

With the goal of providing home improvement customers with the best value and highest quality, Master’s Construction is now offering industry leading replacement entry doors to their customers in the Lehigh Valley, the Poconos, western NJ and the surrounding areas.  According to a study conducted by an independent research company, researchers determined that homes having an enhanced entrance door added to the perceived value by as much as five times the cost of the door itself.  Master’s Construction installs some of the best doors available today including those made by HGI (Home Guard Industries). Home Guard doors are available in an unbelievable wide range of highly desirable options: steel or fiberglass material, multiple surface textures, stained and painted finishes, door panel styles, side panel styles, glass designs and optional transoms overhead to coordinate with any architectural style and the most discriminating personal tastes.

A wide selection of door styles

Master’s selection of doors will astound you. There are many great styles for you to choose from to perfectly match your home and your preferences, available in both steel and fiberglass.

Wide selection of entry door styles

Many beautiful side panel options

If you are looking to replace or add side panels to your entry door, we have have choices to coordinate with and exactly match most of our entry doors, with and without glass.

Door Lites Choices For Entrance Doors

Attractive door glass styles and options:

You will love the beautiful glass options available for our entrance doors, including etched, beveled, stained glass and more.

available door glass panes styles etched stained beveled frosted

More lock and knob choices than you could imagine

Our lock hardware and door knob options are almost, but not quite limitless.  We think you will be very pleased with what is available.

Door lock and knob choices

An assortment of “convenience” options & accessories

What better time to add options to your door for added convenience and functionality than when you order your new door from Master’s Construction.  You can add a mail slot, a pet door, door knocker, peephole, kick plate as well as a wide variety of lock sets as mentioned above.

Optional door accessories and convenience features

Safety & security is built-in.

Master’s Door Systems are designed to put the security of your home and family first. Our steel doors are built using an all-steel construction 22 gauge door which is 33% heaver that many competitor’s doors.  We also offer fiberglass doors that are constructed with ruggedness and strength in mind, using state-of-the-art technology including laminated composite rails and high impact skins.  Our steel doors also feature 18 gauge steel frames, heavy duty deadbolt security plates, laminated safety glass and highly secure 6 pin door locks.  Our steel-edge doors are rated at more than ten times the strength of wood edge doors – a comforting fact when someone is trying to force your door open.

For added security we offer an extra strong, ultra-high security steel plate for the door jamb and a “Home Viewer” security camera with a doorbell built-in that let’s you see who is at the door and keeps a photo record of each visitor.

Well insulated to save you money.

We offer doors with R-factors as high as R-15 – as good if not better than the insulation of the walls of many homes.  Efficiency is an important part of our door designs from the insulated core to the weather stripping to the door bottom sweep.

door construction showing insulation materials

The advanced polyurethane core used in our doors provides insulation properties six times greater than wood and also enhances the door’s soundproofing ability.  The impressive 15.1 “R” rating of some of our door models is an important factor in preventing heat loss in winter and cooling loss in summer, since windows and doors account for some of the biggest energy losses in the average home. So, in addition to being beautiful and secure, Home Guard doors can save you money.

Doors engineered for performance

Since most homes in the U.S. were constructed with “builder grade” doors, they lack the higher quality features that the original “bargain” doors just don’t have. With Master’s Door Systems you can count on years of trouble-free performance because each part of the doors we install is designed to function properly as part of a complete system, resulting in maximum security and optimum energy efficiency.

Entry door construction details

The Many Features And Advantages Of Our Doors

  • the look of authentic wood grain
  • attractive sidelite (side panel) glass options
  • coordinating transom (overhead) glass options
  • textures coordinate with door glass
  • door glass allows light in without compromising privacy
  • add authentic styling with decorative clavos and strap hinges
  • solid polyurethane foam core with five times the insulating value of wood
  • can be stained or painted, just like a wood door
  • a full system limited lifetime warranty*
  • solid wood edges and sturdy full-length lock stile (lock installation area)
  • the look of vertical grains and professional craftsman styling
  • flush-glazed glass assembled directly into the door panels
  • most doors are Energy Star rated
  • an optional multi-point locking system for enhanced security including push button locks*

* Not all features listed above apply to all doors.

Our Entry Door Projects Gallery

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