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Master’s installs beautiful, secure entry doors

Whether you have a preference for painted or a natural woodgrain look, Master’s Construction has the best, most energy efficient and quality constructed doors in the industry.  Our entrance doors are available in either steel or fiberglass, each having its own advantages.

Steel entry doors that are both elegant and rugged

Based on how attractive looking our steel doors are, you won’t believe they are made of steel, but rather finely crafted wood.   So what you end up with is a door that is as beautiful as an elegantly built wooden door with the strength of a rugged steel door.

Steel entry door styles allentown PA contractor

Fiberglass entry doors that are beautiful AND durable

Our beautiful fiberglass doors come with some innovated features you won’t find elsewhere.   Our Home Guard FiberStar fiberglass doors are beautifully designed with patented Hydroshield technology – a revolutionary system that helps eliminates twisting and warping.

Fiberglass entry door styles

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Round top entry doors – an energy saving replacement

Master’s Construction is one of the few contractors in the area offering these unique, eye-catching “round top” entrance doors.  These attractive doors are made according to the same high quality standards as our other steel entry doors.  These doors are a great energy saving replacement for old, inefficient, high-maintenance wooden doors.

Round top entry doors exclusive dealer contractor Allentown PA

Be sure to check out our Entry Door Styles section below to see what tremendous choices we offer for glass panes in our doors and door side panels.  We think you will really like what you see!  Master’s also offers some great steel security doors,  high performance patio doors and extremely strong storm doors to add even more value and great looks to your home.

Some of our outstanding entry door styles

Master’s gives consumers the choice of many door styles in a wide selection of attractive colors.  Some of those options are shown below.  Our staff will be glad to show you all the options you can choose from and the various benefits of the different door materials we install.




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